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Ongoing and upcoming activities


Meeting for residency organizers
December 15th, at 13-15

We would like to draw your attention to that a meeting for residency organizers is planned for December 15 at 1-3 p.m. Stay tuned, more information to come!

Hi residency organizer!

SWAN would like to highlight our members and residency organizers on Instagram/Facebook. Therefore, we ask for a few minutes of your time. Download the pdf below, fill it out and return it to us along with some photos. Then we can make a presentation of your residence. It's as simple as that!


Open Call, Hedlandet Residens
Application open until 23/12/31

Hedlandet is an artistic residency, a place to start out, a retreat, to set off and to continue. Applicants are not selected by virtue of what ends that they have dreamt up for their projects but from where they start. 

- interdisciplinary collaboration
- projects in early stage
- essays and non-fictional prose

Applications regarding residencies during the year 2024 are accepted until 2023/12/31 and notices are given 2024/01/31 and the residency entails a stipend of at least 10 000 SEK.

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