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Zoom meeting


Sept 20, 14-16 pm


About the Course

What is the difference between a regular residency and a Emergency Residency? Marita Muukonen, founder of Artist at Risk has worked with Emergency Residencies for a decade. She will guide you through the questions that might rise during an ER. For example a big change might be that the artist wants to stay in your country and not go back when the residency ends. A lot of time and planning for you as an organiser is to give the artist tools to get into the society in a long term way. It might be contact with immigration board, municipality, schools and child care if the artist brings kids. How to start a company and how the system works for art and culture in your country, region and municipality. It can also mean that the artist wants to learn your language and find a permanent living after the residency. A lot of new questions might rise in these type of residencies and we will go through them during the lecture and workshop.

Your Instructor

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